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Tue 24 May - Fri 27 May
Oriente Occidente Studio


How is my body capable of manipulating the weight of the other? What are the active centres that allow me to carry out this manipulation? What new forms of movement can I generate from there?

To these questions we must add the energetic expression that shapes the bodies, because it never goes unnoticed in the creative processes. Movement implies the transmission of an element with which it has previously been connected...

In the last 10 years Sharon Fridman has been working on a series of tasks and contact practice in the field of creation and improvisation.

The focus of this language is placed on the concept of gravity, on digging deeply into this matter, on discovering its most unexplored aspects. After years of creating choreographies based on a deep research of balance and its manipulation, trying to control passion for the potential that hides in the connection between bodies, and developing as an individual his sensibility to gravity and tact, Fridman finally gives his technique the name of INA: The sense of my Balance.

INA wants to focus her attention to the territory that her body serves to the other, or to the space around her.

INA has a clear approach to the surface she gives or uses.

INA controls and searches for freedom in her corporal node.

INA is sensible to tact.

INA is my Mother and my way to understand the movements of my body.

As a child, I lived planning daily movements and physical needs to be able to advance in space with another body, to keep control and, on the other hand, to try to be as natural as possible.

My mother, INA, lives with the syndrome Arnold Chiari and needs a reference to be able to recognize the position of her own body.

We used to walk around our “Moshava” (village) each time more connected, always planning the act of every movement.

Sharon Fridman

Who does it interest?
Professional dancers and vocational dance students. The workshop will be held in English.
The choreographer will select the participants on the basis of their curricula.

Sharon Fridman
Sharon Fridman was born in Hadera, Israel, in 1980. His career as a dancer began in 1999 in Israel with the prestigious Ido Tadmor Dance Company and continued with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, followed by the the Vértigo Dance Company. He began to work as a choreographer in 2000. In 2006 he moved permanently to Spain, where he founded the Sharon Fridman Company, with whom he won various awards and prizes.

One of his most personal and famous projects is Rizoma, an artistic and social project in which the philosophy of Contact is applied to the daily development of society. He thinks it is the best way to bring his technique closer to other people and, therefore, to encourage them to question the daily forms of coexistence and social interaction.

Nowadays, all his work is based on the INA technique and is represented all over the world.

Before enrolling, please check our Safety Page to be informed of what is required to access our spaces and participate in the workshops!

From 24 to 27 May 2022 daily from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Corso Rosmini 58, Rovereto (TN)
Level: Intermediate/Advanced, on selection
Fee: 280 euro

Send an e-mail to info@orienteoccidente.it attaching your curriculum and the registration form >> click here
You will have a confirmation for your participation in about ten days and we'll explain you how to proceed with the payment.

Since the workshops will be started by Oriente Occidente Studio after reaching a minimum number of participants, it is essential that the registrations are received as soon as possible.

The registration fee will not be refunded in any case, except for health reasons or for cancellation of the activity due to the COVID-19 situation.

In compliance with Ministerial and Provincial regulations to participate in the following activity will be required green pass. For more information see our Safety page by clicking here.