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Voronia Project La Veronal

The Spanish company La Veronal has been a guest of CID since September. During the days of residence, it involved about ten volunteers who were able to take part and become the protagonists of the show Voronia presented at the end of the Festival on September 6th 2015 at the Auditorium Melotti in Rovereto.
Like Dante in the Inferno, the choreographer Marcos Morau proposes the theme of the eternal descent invoking the thought of St. Augustine on the moral responsibility of man, the power of control, the morality of religion and the massacres perpetrated in the name of a god.

Choreography Marcos Morau in collaboration with the dancers
Scenography La Veronal & Enric Planas
Art direction Marcos Morau
Technical Management Bernat Jansà
Lights Albert Faura
Dramaturgy Roberto Fratini and Pablo Gisbert - El Conde de Torrefiel
Dancers Joaquín Collado, Jon López, Lorena Nogal, Shay Partush, Manuel Rodríguez, Marina Rodríguez, Giacomo Todeschi, Sau-Ching Wong
Manufactured by La Veronal
Co-produced by Festival Grec Barcelona, Hessisches Staatsballett Darmstadt Wiesbaden, Tanz im August Berlin, Théâtre National de Chaillot Paris, Mercat de les Flors Barcelona
With the collaboration of El Graner - Fàbrica de Creació