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Tommaso Serratore

The Friulian Tommaso Serratore, the Apulian Davide Valrosso, the Sicilian Salvo Lombardo and the Sardinian Carla Rizzu are the four promising Italian authors selected in 2016 as part of the CID Cantieri project, aimed at valorising emerging Italian artists who are offered productive residencies, economic support and confrontation with the public in the East West.

With Il coraggio di stare Tommaso Serratore closes the project Corpo Pensante, a series of contemporary dance meetings aimed at investigating the concepts of travel and freedom with professionals and prisoners, inspired by some thoughts taken from the diary of Christopher McCandless and influenced by the film Into the Wild by Sean Penn. "A choreographic documentary" the author defines it, "a magma of images, lights and bodies in motion, which brings on stage that human drive with which each of us relates to ourselves and to the world".
In August 2016 the choreographer together with his dancers was a guest of the CID and spent the period of creative residency at the Teatro Monte Baldo in Brentonico to finalize his work presented at the Auditoeium Melotti as part of the program of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2016.

Idea, direction and choreography Tommaso Serratore
Video project Salvatore Insana
Interpretation and collaboration Elisabetta Bonfà, Miriam Cinieri, Andrea Sassoli, Arabella Scalisi, Alessio Scandale
Music Gabriele Ottino
Voice Alexis Maria Romano
Lights Eleonora Diana
Production Zerograms / Associated Authors
Creation carried out as part of the project Choreographic Residences Steam Laundry 3.0/Piemonte dal Vivo
With the contribution of Regione Piemonte, MIBACT Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali e del Turismo (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism)
With the support of ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo, Mosaico Danza