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CID also welcomed in August and September 2014 some dance companies from Trentino that took part in the project CID CANTIERI - Progetti di giovane danza. Within the spaces of the CID the companies gave life to new artistic creations presented in the final staging of Friday, September 19, 2014 at the Teatro Cuminetti in Trento. Among the protagonists of this new adventure also the Compagnia Sanpapiè/Macelleria Ettore with the project Sdegno/Studio 0.1 later re-titled Dalla caduta un passo di danza.

A silence for an absence. Because you can't call something that doesn't come by itself, something that has left in the exact moment to remain eternal. To enter into beauty is a dive, and to break it takes an instant. Just look away, don't pay attention. Disdain is not understanding why. Lying to the body. To hurt yourself so much that you discover how much you want to live. I get outraged when you don't understand my beauty and deny it. The outrage is personal, alone. A common, subterranean condition. Everyone is alone with his outrage. There is only one outrage.
Disdain forces us to pause, to ask ourselves: Why? It's a push. It's not a resigned feeling. Beauty is always worth it. When it's there, you can't help but see it. Beauty has no time. Disdain does. Information, experience, life. It grows as you meet beauty. It only comes into focus from a certain point on: it was anger and it will be resignation. Now it's outrage. A passing of age.
Disdain is a spectacle for the body alone. The body is crossed, provoked, transformed by images, physical dynamics and forms that are composed in a montage. The dramaturgy is the result of the fusion of the languages put into play. Body, sound, matter, space, word, light, silence. Disdain is a common and precise container in which to collect experiences and reflections other than ours. The same question addressed to artists different in language, age, education: what is outrage for you? Let's start from here. Let's put a creative premise aimed at building an organic structure, a dramaturgy that feeds on the comparison with others, welcomes provocations and points of view - to re-elaborate them in a choreographic and directorial writing. 

Choreography and interpretation
Lara Guidetti
Music Carlo Boccadoro 
Lighting Design Alice Glue
Scenes and costumes Maria Paola Di Francesco
Directed by Carmen Giordano
Collaboration Trento Spettacoli