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Rizoma Sharon Fridman Company Project

Guest of the CID in August 2014 the Company Sharon Fridman that during the days of residence involved 70 volunteer performers and 12 local musicians to give life to the performance Rizoma presented to the general public at dawn on August 31, 2014 at Campana dei caduti of Rovereto during the edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2014. An ecological performance, made only of bodies and voices. Where it is not age or technical preparation for dance that counts, but the individual's desire to connect with the universe. A deep sense of communion in which all participants share the ability to regenerate and connect with each other in ever new geometries.
The Rhizome biologically speaking is an underground 'reserve' of some plant species that allows the overcoming of adverse climatic conditions. Philosophically speaking, following the thought of Deleuze and Guattari, it is the non-linearity, the non-hierarchical organization of existence. Analytically speaking, following instead Jung, it is the invisible nature of life. For Sharon Fridman, thirty-four year old Israeli choreographer, active since 2006 in Spain with one of his companies, it is the declaration of a necessity: to demonstrate that society can exist in consonance with the processes of nature.
His Rizoma is a magniloquent happening for open spaces to be represented in particular moments of the day (dawn in Rovereto), involving about seventy people and about ten musicians. Volunteers who want to develop a relationship with the truth of their bodies, people who feel they can, together, in ten days of creation, be a community. An ecological performance, made only of bodies and voices, with the desire to breathe in harmony with each other and Nature. Nothing to do with new age practices, it is much more simply a matter of rediscovering through the body a connection with the earth. A deep sense of communion also emerges in those who watch this incredible moment in which Fridman seems to stage the origins of the world, a symbolic birth that takes shape in every rhizome (biologically speaking). But in addition to the sprouting of new forms there is the free organization of lines in space, where all participants share the ability to regenerate and connect with each other in ever new geometries. "We are oriented - explains Sharon Fridman - to understand the definition of rhizome as a horizontal composition, that is without a beginning and an end, something that can give life and be able to generate".
All that remains is to participate, to rediscover this young author 'committed' artistically grown up in the Vertigo Dance Company, nourished by contact-improvisation, firmly convinced that the responsibility of an artist today is to ask questions about the forms of society, to create a mirror that helps to develop the ability to better understand oneself.
Art Direction Sharon Fridman
Management Assistant Anat Grigorio
Assistant dramaturgy and voice Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo
Composer Luis Miguel Cobo
Musical workshop creation Luis Miguel Cobo and Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo
Production Manager Nacho Azagra
Musicians Omar Flavio Careddu, Luca Giordani, Astrid Harlan, Maria Carla Mihelcic, Atanassie Milenkovic, Teofil Milenkovic, Timossena Milenkovic, Zoran Milenkovic, Alberto Pedrotti, Giulio Robol, Simone Vanin,
In collaboration with Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Mozart Boys&Girls
With the support of Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (Gobierno de Espana), Cultural Office of the Israeli Embassy