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OtherNess is the first stage of a new phase of the ELP project.  The first phase of the project consisted in the collection of a multicultural retinal-mnemonic archive. During the residency at CID, in October 2020, Paola Bianchi asked a group of people from foreign countries what were the public images imprinted on their retinas that even after a long time continued to be alive in their visual memory.

Images that have crossed seas and lands for miles and miles, crossing borders, places and nations, kept in the eyes, fixed in the memory of wandering human beings - what did they bring into my body?

OtherNess is the outcome of this investigation. The multicultural retinal archive has become the starting point of a process of embodiment of images that have entered the body of the dancer deforming it, decomposing it, generating "body states".

OtherNess is part of the ELP project, which investigates the relationship between word and dance through the transmission of posture archives.


Ph Giulia Lenzi