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Nicola Galli

The genome is the complex totality of genetic information necessary to generate a living organism; it is a patrimony still to be deciphered in all its functions in order to understand the biography of the world.
The creative process developed by Nicola Galli at CID, during his residency period in May 2018, deepens this research: the possibility of developing and generating a scenic genome, that is a string of parameters that determine a short performative act.
A dance action based on the interactive relationship between spectator and dancer.
Just as every human being has a unique and inimitable genetic code, in the same way the spectator is invited to discover the original uniqueness of the performance, thanks to the use of a playful device freely inspired by genomic research.
33 tesserae arranged on a table represent a variety of possible parameters: each spectator can freely select those that will compose his or her own "scenic genome".
Every single performance generated by the selection of the tiles - a scenic metaphor of the randomness with which a real chromosomal set is composed - will be instantly acted upon by the dancers, as an artistic outcome, unique and unrepeatable, of the circumstances and social environment.

The site specific project GENOMA SCENICO combines dance and science in the sign of genomics and interactive relationship with the audience. The project took shape as part of the exhibition GENOMA UMANO, held at MUSE in Trento in 2018.  The performance was realized inside the MUSE in May, June, October and November 2018.

Concept: Nicola Galli
Dancers: Gloria Dorliguzzo, Margherita Dotta, Nicola Galli, Paolo Soloperto
Production: stereopsis, TIR Dance
In collaboration with: MUSE Museo delle Scienze (Trento), Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara, Oriente Occidente Dance Festival / CID Centro Internazionale della Danza