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Megakles Ballet Company

In August, from the 6th to the 1st, the Megakles Ballet Company, led by Laura Odierna and Salvatore Romania, was a guest of the CID. The Sicilian company, winner of the Danz'è 2011 Choreographic Competition, was able to perfect the Ma-shalai project, co-produced by the Festival Oriente Occidente and presented in September 2012

To explain "Ma-shalai" it is important to consider that the choreographic work that has been developed is, in essence, the second stage of a wider and more articulated project that we have been working on since 2008: "L'albero dei limoni", based on the search for the gesture that has always characterized the Sicilian people. Thanks to the interest nurtured by G. Pitrè, who has encapsulated this language in a sort of vocabulary of gesture, today we have been able to rediscover the fascination of such an articulated non-verbal communication.
Through the study of this gestural language, the first performance of the project "L'albero di limoni" ("The Lemon Tree") in co-production with Scenario Pubblico was born.
Scrolling through a tangle of words of the Sicilian dialect we have identified "Ma-shalai", a term that indicates a moment of deep, but brief if not ephemeral and in some cases illusory enjoyment. With scientific rigour we have saved this term inside an ampoule ready to be contaminated by other languages that has given life to our new choreographic project... that sees disjointed gestures that have survived a technological disaster, from which to start again to arrive at a new kinesthesia that is nothing but the cyclical repetition of something that has already been and that is transformed into a future that contains the root in itself. In "Ma-shalai" we try to highlight how, despite multiple contradictions characterize, animate and often penalize this land continuously suffocated by those who have imposed violence and stasis, not infrequently with the complicity of the institutional absence, hovers in the air a sweet and wild poetic passion.
Far be it from us to make yet another denunciation, we only try to give voice to that poetry that with so much effort tries to make itself heard by those who have already judged it prejudicially.  
Salvatore Romania and Laura Odierna

Choreography and Direction Salvatore Romania, Laura Odierna
Original music Michele Conti
Visual art Fabio D'Angelo
Lights Sammy Torrisi
Antonino Amendolia Sound
Dancers Salvatore Romania, Laura Odierna, Claudia Bertuccelli, Valeria Ferrante
Musicians (live) Michele Conti, Hilmar Pintaldi
Co-production Oriente Occidente

07/09/2012 East West

20/12/2012 Collegno Steam Laundry
22/12/2012 Auditorium Leonardo di Carlentini (SR)