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The CID also welcomed in August the dance company MartinaMariniDanceTheater, which together with the Compagnia Quenca/Lauro and the Compagnia Naturalis Labor took part in the project CID CANTIERI - Progetti di giovane danza. Within the spaces of the CID the company gave life to the new artistic creation Gender Play presented in the final staging of Friday, September 18, 2015 at the Teatro Cuminetti in Trento.

What distinguishes a man from a woman, what makes a woman feminine and a man virile? What is the role of a woman and what tasks does a man have? Who decided the roles? Nature? Society? How does a woman move? How does a man move? What are the physical spaces they occupy?
Gender Play is a playful, ironic, light choreography, but it doesn't forget the drama that can come to life from one of nature's most cynical deceptions, that of giving birth to a person in the wrong body. The two performers play with feminine and masculine imagery, exchange dances, costumes and roles, mock each other, analyze various clichés, experience a different physicality of their own and realize the effort that it takes to represent what you are not. The dances are sometimes interrupted by small misunderstandings, perplexities that make us understand how ridiculous it is in our daily efforts to represent a man or a woman. To finally discover that sexual identity is not between the legs, but between the ears.

Concept and direction Martina Marini
Choreography Martina Marini and dancers
Sonorus Music
Lights Carlo Quartararo
Costumes MartinaMariniDanceTheater
Dancers David Bauer and Anastasia Kostner
Production Cultural Association Fucinadanza