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Lost movement

In July 2016 the Lost Movement Company led by Nicolò Abbattista spent a period of residence at CID.
The company works on the show entitled A Domani, a creation that develops from the study of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a rare neurodegenerative disease, trying to understand how the sick person moves and behaves in everyday life. For the sick person everything turns upside down, starting from the domestic dimension: the house is no longer a safe place to find shelter but becomes a maze of confusion full of difficulties.

It is a love story. Of the oldest, strongest and purest love: the one that unites a mother and a son.
She is sick, she has little time; his life is redrawn by the immobile time of illness. These are ancient situations that bring out the eternal conflict between past and present: when you use what has been to bear what is. And it is precisely in this situation of conflict that the human being comes out, the one who will try to give meaning to the most unacceptable aspect of the human condition: learning to say goodbye to what we love. Around the human being everything becomes uncertain: space, time and everyday life.  Man wanders helplessly day after day; everyday objects become ghosts, shadows, dangerous monsters; man tries not to see the only way to survive this pain until he reaches exhaustion. 
Only in that moment, helpless, can he surrender to reality: he must look into the eyes of that evil inside her.

Choreography Nicolò Abbattista
Directed by Christian Consalvo
Players Susanna Pieri, Samuele Arisci, Chiara Borghini, Eleonora Mongitore, Mattia Sala, Martina Zanardi