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Les Petits Pas

The second company hosted in residence in March 2014 is the Veronese Dance Company Les Petits Pas by the choreographer Katia Tubini who worked on the Vortice project. Their work represents a dancing denunciation to the aesthetic canons that exploit feminine beauty making it tormented and unhappy, a denunciation that invites reflection on a superficial reality, where man does not live life but merely consumes it. A choreographic path to help us understand and overcome that sense of troubled eternity that catches us in front of the daily news, to shake us and allow us to save ourselves in time from all the attempts that society puts in place to label and homologate us.
Unique like no one has ever been, ever will be. Escaping banalities, boredom, homologation, routine, canons, rules, anxiety, dissatisfaction, superficiality, loneliness, moral degradation, violence. There are so many corners of society in which all of this has been inserted in a sneaky and silent way, catapulting us into an endless vortex, denying us the possibility of expressing what we are and what we are worth. Power remains intertwined with the social order and continues to work in the darkness of bodies, unbalancing relationships, presiding over culture and language.
Vortice passes the first selection of SGUARDI, a festival-showcase that becomes a place to weave relationships, cross visions, promote the comparison between the professional production realities of theater and dance of the regional territory and cultural operators, critics, theaters and national and European artists, a festival and a showcase that cultivates the purpose of representing a resource for the performance production of Veneto putting it in relation with the national artistic scene, Teatro Spazio Bixio - Vicenza.