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Irene Russolillo

Irene Russolillo in 2018 concludes her career as associated artist of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

The artist has developed an initial period of creative research at CID which, starting from a thought on proximity and coexistence, sometimes forced yet necessary, reflects the bewilderment that comes from new ways of inhabiting both real and interior spaces in constant change. Through the construction of energetic and emotional paths that take place around expanded songs, a search for new spaces for an artistic practice is carried out, where music and dance are able to speak straight to the heart.

Irene then returns to CID in December 2018 for a weekly residency where she shares with some local participants some physical and vocal practices that are part of her artistic process.
During the workshop, participants are guided through possible uses of movement and voice, sometimes taken separately, often called to coexist in a single exercise. Through guided improvisations and given choreographic scores, the compositional use of movement in relation to voice and music is experienced. 
The general objective of the creative process is to give oneself the possibility to invent one's own voice and dance, remaining far from the horizon of narration and exhaustiveness, to impersonate enigmas and desires of one's own experience.