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Irene Russolillo

Together with Salvo Lombardo and Davide Valrosso also Irene Russolillo for the two-year period 2017-2018 is nominated associated artist of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival in order to undertake a path of production and support of the activities of these young people, guaranteeing them both the presentation of the works within the event and the international launch of the productions.

Irene Russolillo
, guest at Oriente Occidente in 2015, returns to Rovereto in April, June, September and December 2017 to develop her new work Wave presenting the outcome of this first phase of work (or first studio) during the Festival, awaiting its debut next year. 
For the first time the choreographer involves other performers and proposes to them the thematic and linguistic issues developed in these years of work. In her solos, the purely danced material together with the vocality linked to the use of words, writing and singing, make choreography an interaction of worlds that complement and amplify each other, building energetic and emotional paths in which music has a great presence. 
Starting from a thought about closeness and coexistence, sometimes forced yet necessary, the new project outlines a space-time of the scene in which the spectators, immersed in the performance instead of placed in front of it, will be stimulated by new looks, new touches, new vital impulses.

Choreography Irene Russolillo
Original music by Spartaco Cortesi and Irene Russolillo
Creation and interpretation Carlo Massari, Alice Giuliani, Irene Russolillo
Produced by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival and Comune di Brentonico
In collaboration with Les Brigittines, Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels, Italian Cultural Institute of Paris, CLAPS