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Irene Russolillo

Oriente Occidente, partner of the network of Italian sector operators Anticorpi XL, is a promoter of the emerging national choreography and has opened its 35th edition looking forward and presenting to its loyal audience two gems of the current Italian choreographic scene: the dancer, active in Turin, Andrea Gallo Rosso and the Apulian Irene Russolillo Both guests in residence at the CID had the opportunity to present their works coproduced by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival at the Auditorium Melotti in Rovereto.

At CID in August 2015 the dancer and choreographer Irene Russolillo worked on the project A Loan: discourse with darkness, absences and spirits around us. The show plays some Sonnets by William Shakespeare. From the verses of the great English poet emerges an isolated body that rummages in its weaknesses, in the experienced love and loneliness that inevitably follows it. Wandering in the past and present, asking questions and trying to give answers.

Concept and project
Irene Russolillo
Lighting design Valeria Foti
Music Piero Corso, Spartaco Cortesi
Lyrics Irene Russolillo, Sonnets VIII and LXI by William Shakespeare
Dancer Irene Russolillo
Production ALDES
With the productive support of Festival Oriente Occidente, Armunia / Festival Inequilibrio
With the support of MIBACT - MINISTRY for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism / General Direction for Live Performing Arts, TUSCANY REGION / Regional System of Performing Arts, La Gomera Choreographic Centre, Electa Creative Arts