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(In)visible dancing project Protein Dance Company

One of the most representative voices of the British avant-garde, Protein is known for its desire to merge theatre and real life, on and off stage. Founded in 1997 by Italian Luca Silvestrini and Swiss Bettina Strickler in London, Protein spans the arts and generations. Its brand is a human and entertaining dance theatre that explores contemporary instances with a mix of storytelling, music and movement. Award-winning Best Independent Dance Company at the 2011 National Dance Awards, Protein's choreographic portfolio includes a balanced mix of site-specific works such as the hits Publife and (In)visible Dancing, and stage shows such as Big Sale, The Banquet, Dear Body, the award-winning LOL (Lots of Love) and the more recent Border Tales.
(In)visible Dancing is a unique project structured as follows: a short choreography performed by professional dancers and musicians breaks into a public space becoming progressively a mass flash mob capable of involving amateurs and ordinary people. The barriers of age and social class are broken down in the name and in honor of the dance that emerges spontaneously before the eyes of passers-by and that transforms day after day not only the place that hosts it, but also those who will gather to observe and practice it. In Piazza Erbe, for almost the entire duration of the festival (In)visible Dancing will try to become a 'visible' dance by accumulation, bringing with it a growing number of people: the local dance schools participating in the project and the ordinary people who will want to get involved. All together they will then participate in the big final event. A real collective explosion, on 6 September, with more than one hundred protagonists who will finally make visible those 'little dances' orchestrated by the expert hand of Luca Silvestrini.
11 local dance schools (for a total of about 120 dancers), the common people (more than 150 people), some local musicians (about 15 members), 6 professional dancers selected out of 40 candidates and the dancers of the company itself have taken part in the project.

Luca Silvestrini
Musicians Wind Orchestra "Antonio Rosmini" High School
Dancers Jon Beney, Patsy Browne-Hope, Thomas Goodwin, Valentina Golfieri, Rachele Rapisardi, Matthew Winston
and with the participation of Alseny Bangoura, Marco Bissoli, Serena Malacco, Giulia Primon, Giulia Tacconi, Manuela Tassone and the Trentino dance schools CDM, Danza Tersicore, Foli Tama, Il mondo di Lilith, Improntafro, La Peña Andaluza, Progetto Tango, RM Studio, São Sãlomao, U know what I mean
Produced by International Dance Festival Birmingham
With the support of Arts Council England