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insiemi irreali Pietro Marullo

Pietro Marullo, Neapolitan born in 1985, founded in Brussels his company Insiemi Irreali, a group of variable numbers that expands and contracts according to the project. 
An eclectic artist as his education testifies - after his studies in Modern Literature, he attended movement courses with Wim Vandekeybus and Davide Zambrano, and got interested in theatre and sculpture - Marullo loves to mix languages and disciplines. The same does the work that debuts at the Festival on 31 August 2017, co-produced by Oriente Occidente and the Théâtre Varia in Brussels. It is entitled WRECK - List of extinct species and is a project that combines movement and plastic arts. Investigating the theme of shipwreck, Marullo presents us with a soft sculpture, an air bubble floating in space that takes on polymorphous forms. To the viewer's eyes it may look like a giant cushion, a sea monster, a sunken shipwreck, a black lung breathing.   
Evocation and vision are the focal point of this performance that pushes physical matter to come alive. It swallows and spits bodies the big black monster amplifying the imagination and free associations at different conceptual levels of the viewer.

The company has been selected for the project CID Cantieri 2017, aimed at the enhancement of emerging Italian artists who are offered productive residencies, economic support and confrontation with the public about Oriente Occidente. For the finalization of the project the dancers spent a twenty-day residency period at CID in August 2017.

Festival co-production
Site specific creation (outdoor version)

Concept and choreography
Pietro Marullo
Lights Julie Petite Etienne
Sound creation Jean-Noel-Boisse
Soft sculptures and costumes Pietro Marullo and Bertrand Nodet
Dancers Helena Araujo, Adrien Desbons, Paola Di Bella, Noemi Knecht, Paola Madrid, Anais Van Eycken
With the participation of Marta Bullita, Anna Forzutti, Claudia Gesmundo, Roberto Manca, Noemi Ravot, Martina Rota
Produced by Cie Insiemi Irreali
Co-produced and supported by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Théâtre Varia de Bruxelles, Fédération Wallonie-Brussels, Wallonie-Brussels International, Ramdam un centre d'art de Lyon, CDC La Briqueterie de Paris, Théâtre Marni de Bruxelles, TanzHaus de Zurich, Commission communautaire française, Tax Shelter.

Duration 50'