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gruppo e-motion

In October 2016 he returns to the CID and spends a period of residency in the halls of Corso Rosmini Gruppo E-motion by Francesca La Cava to develop and complete the show Apriti ai nostri baci presented at the Teatro Comunale di Bolzano on October 12, 2016.

The 20th century, according to Christian Boltanski, is a wall. An immense iron wall, on which hundreds of drawers open. On each drawer is printed a number and inside each drawer is hidden a life. Or rather the traces of a life: a birth certificate, a photograph, a deed of ownership, an identity document. That wall is called "Personnes", that is "people", but also "nobody". The mass man becomes the atom man, the person becomes nobody, the living alone. On the one hand it is hard, compact, scratchable, it is the wall of the multitudes, but on the other it contains the lives of the many nobodies who populate history. It is the wall of contrary motions: the wall that excludes, but at the same time protects, that on the other hand frightens and on this side reassures, the wall that defends the borders, but pushes back the stranger.
The work is based precisely on the study of the concept of the wall and its symbolic connotation. The Company takes as its starting point some real walls among the many who were born, and who continue to be born, along the deepest furrows of the planet: The sand wall that separates Morocco from the Western Sahara, the wall of Tijana, the security barrier that divides Mexico from the United States, the Peace Lines of Springmartin Road in Belfast, the concrete wall that divides the Catholic community from the Protestant one, the twelve kilometer barrier along the Evros river that separates Greece from Turkey, the railings built to separate Ceuta and Melilla from the territory of Morocco, and finally the concrete wall that for 790 kilometers closes in an almost perfect circle the entire territory of the West Bank.


Director and choreography: Francesca La Cava
Dramaturgy: Guido Barbieri
Costumes: Chiara Defant
Original music and live electronics: Fabio Cifariello Ciardi
Cello: Luca Franzetti
Percussions: Antonio Caggiano
Dancers: Sara Catellani, Andrea Di Matteo, Francesca La Cava, Manolo Perazzi and Valeria Russo

L'Obiettivo Association and Service Centre S. Chiara (TN) - inDanza Cristallo