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Gruppo E-Motion

Guest company in residence from 10 to 13 April and from 25 June to 15 July 2012 is Gruppo E-Motion of the choreographer Francesca La Cava, contemporary dance company from L'Aquila, who is working on the project Trans-u-mare, a journey through nature, tradition and folklore. A journey that determines in man a change, a rite of passage, a lived experience that leads to the achievement of a new identity

Trans-u-mare immerses us in pastoral life, evoking our roots and our bond with the environment, with the cycles of life and nature, with tradition and folklore: between past and present, between town and country, between man and environment. Transhumance is a journey that determines a change in man, a rite of passage, a lived experience that leads to the achievement of a new identity. Transhumance is a journey in solitude that includes three important moments in the formation of the individual: departure and separation, transition and arrival and incorporation.

Trans-u-mare is divided into three pictures that represent the different moments of the journey "of transhumance", immersing the spectator in a cinematographic and neo-realistic setting. Within the paintings, the show alternates different parallel events inspired by pastoral life, putting in continuous relationship the images of the past with those of the present, drawing from the social setting not only daily but also ethical and inner and evolving the situations and moods of the protagonists moment by moment. Each interpreter, as the French philosopher Deleuze stated, rather than reacting "records", rather than being engaged in an action, "is consigned to a vision that chases or by which he is chased". The choreographic sign will be characterized by a wide and expressive gesture contaminated by theatre, from which it subtracts gesture and word, and by traditions and folklore, from which it is inspired in superstitions and proverbs as well as in signs and rhythm, reworking the dances of popular tradition such as Sardinian dances, the saltarello abruzzese, the pizzica salentina and all those useful for the dramaturgy of creation.

- Direction and choreography Francesca La Cava
- Original music Mauro Palmas
- Assistant choreography Annalisa Celentano
- Scenes and costumes Chiara Defant
- Lighting design Alberta Finocchiaro
- Interpreters Annalisa Celentano, Antonino Filardo, Francesca La Cava and Gianluca Possidente
- Musicians Mauro Palmas , Marcello Peghin, Silvano Lobina.
- Special Guest Elena Ledda

Production GRUPPO e-MOTION, MIGRANTES project with the contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Abruzzo Region, the Province of L'Aquila and the Municipality of L'Aquila, co-production ELENALEDDAVOX (Cagliari) and Festival ORIENTE OCCIDENTE (Rovereto). With the contribution of the CARISPAQ Foundation (Festival Visioni) and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.


19/07/2012 Alghero Assoentilocali circuit

20/07 Carbonia
21/07 Cala Gonone
22/07 LT funds
12-13/09 Spoleto PG
08/12 Vezzano TN
03/03/13 Torino Teatro Nuovo