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Fattoria Vittadini

The CID Cantieri project continues in 2017, aimed at valorising emerging Italian artists who are offered productive residencies, economic support and confrontation with the public about Oriente Occidente.
One of the four selected works is the project that comes from the artistic encounter between the choreographer and performer Francesca Penzo (Fattoria Vittadini), the new media artist Jacques- André Dupont and the sound designer Clemént Destéphen entitled Vanitas.
The company in residence at the CID in April, June-July and September 2017 develops a work aimed at the interpretation of seventeenth-century Vanitas, il memento mori. Remembering to die: a macabre assumption that is a warning to the ephemeral condition of existence. "We feel invested - explain Penzo and Dupont - by a sense of massive and imminent destruction that motivates us to reinterpret the sense of human transience. Vanitas is this: a visual and performative exploration of the theme of death as an ecological condition of life. A rituality of dying analyzed in a new light, in an anti-Macabre sense thanks to a circular vision of energy that is not interrupted. It is not interrupted in the bodies of the dancers who will go through states of intense physicality, it is not interrupted in the process of live videomapping, it is not interrupted in the enveloping soundtrack.

World premier
Festival co-production

Concept Francesca Penzo and Jacques-André Dupont
Choreography Francesca Penzo
Media Jacques-André Dupont
Sounds Clément Destéphen
Scenes and costumes Gabriella Stangolini
Lights Giulia Pastore
Dancers Vilma Trevisan, Jacques-André Dupont, Francesca Penzo
Co-produced and supported by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Fattoria Vittadini, DID Studio Milano, Leggere Stutture Rete
Habitat Bologna
In collaboration with Centro Servizi Culturali Santa Chiara