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Davide Valrosso

In January, July and August 2019 guest in residency at CID Davide Valrosso, associated artist of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

Moved by the philosopher Giorgio Agamben's reflection on "what the contemporary is", Davide Valrosso continues his personal path of study around the biography and memory of the body.
During this period of creation, he develops this research through gestural figures being able of evoking a succession of strong visual images, born from the choreographer-interpreter's desire to question himself about the past, present and future.

An invitation to reflect on what answers could be given to the multiple questions represented by a shadow that sculpts on his body the iconicity of a time adrift, scratched by a past to be questioned, to feel on his skin the vigor of conflict that becomes welcome, the border that becomes resistance, the shipwreck that turns into resilience.