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Davide Valrosso

Davide Valrosso, together with Irene Russolillo and Salvo Lombardo for 2018, is nominated associated artist at Oriente Occidente Dance Festival in order to undertake a path of enhancement and support of the activity of these young emerging authors.

In January, February, July and September 2018 Davide Valrosso is a guest of CID in order to open the doors of the studio and involve those who wish to participate in his personal creative research through residential laboratory sessions. Through the sharing of his work, his experience with other people and through the dialogue Valrosso is convinced that it is possible to move his artistic/creative limits.
An excellent opportunity to increase his personal practice and research in the choreographic field through the encounter with the other.

During the periods of creation the artist has also been able to develop the choreographic work Biografia di un Corpo, a solo that marks the essence and narrates through himself all possible biographies.
Learning to walk, breathe and whisper become the field of a sensitive confrontation with the viewer's gaze. Light works as a dynamic vital force that meets the eye and guides it, changing density and warmth, animating the inanimate, a tool to describe the indispensable, letting all the superfluous flow away and reducing the human body to an essential communication tool.