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Davide Valrosso

The Friulian Tommaso Serratore, the Apulian Davide Valrosso, the Sicilian Salvo Lombardo and the Sardinian Carla Rizzu are the four promising Italian authors selected in 2016 as part of the CID Cantieri project, aimed at valorising emerging Italian artists who are offered productive residencies, economic support and confrontation with the public about Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.

Davide Valrosso has a past as an interpreter in prestigious international companies. Since 2014 choreography has attracted him and his first solo, The Opening of the Eyes, has been selected by the Anticorpi XL network. The following Cosmopolitan Beauty, produced by Cango and the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, develops a reflection on the sense of being on stage.

Now with the new I would like to be pop there is a question that has always gripped the contemporary dance considered elitist and incomprehensible by most people. In this duet, without denunciation but with lightness and irony, the question of the author/public relationship arises.
In August the choreographer was a guest of the CID and spent the period of creative residency at the Teatro Monte Baldo in Brentonico to finalize his work presented at the Auditorium Melotti as part of the program of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2016.

Choreography Davide Valrosso
Lights Gaetano Corriere
Original music Alessandro Modestino
Dancers Davide Valrosso, Maurizio Giunti