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Danze di vita quotidiana

At the end of the community dance workshop: Danze di Vita Quotidiana held by Franca Zagatti during the spring period, the group of about 25 participants had some days of residency at the CID in August, in anticipation of the presentation of an end of workshop performance, held on the occasion of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2014.
The beginning is an invitation to dance
community dance actions
with the participants of the Dances of Daily Life workshop
Concept and direction Franca Zagatti
Musical accompaniment Flavio Conci
Each time the beginning is this moment of detachment from the multiplicity of possible ... to tell what does not yet exist.
(Italo Calvino)
To work on the intentional gesture and on the moment of its action, to offer a time and a space to experience dancing as an act of presence to oneself, to work on the idea of beginning as a threshold, as an action, as a choice, as a fracture, as a start, as a resumption. To isolate and connect words and gestures.
01 and 02 September 2014
Oriente occidente Dance Festrival