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Daniele Ninarello worked in collaboration with Oriente Occidente as associated artist for the biennium 2019-2020. In September 2020 the artist spent, partly in the spaces of the CID and partly in the museum rooms of the MART Museo d'arte contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, a period of development of his new research entitled NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY - It's ok not to be ok. The project focuses on the body in its intimacy and its relationship with the public space.

This kind of relationship becomes necessarily political and highlights themes such as marginalization, denial, isolation, offence and violence. Starting from the autobiographical experience of a "bullied body", Daniele Ninarello extends the question, making it universal and looking in the body for the tension that forces us into gestures and postures of control, fear, defence.

In the halls of MART the traces of violence and offense are transformed. Through danced discourses, like a stream of consciousness of the body, past sensations and memories arise in fluid and permeable gestures.

Born during isolation, NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY - It's ok not to be ok  is a solitary and meditative dance in which actions become protest, denunciation and sharing of a body in transformation.

Ph Sarah Malchiori