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During August and September 2020, Cristina Kristal Rizzo develops in our spaces in Rovereto a new collective project. This work starts from the investigation of the bodily practice of 'touching/touching oneself', not intended as an exploration of contact improvisation (the movement technique born in the USA in the seventies that Rizzo knows well) but in the expressive, emotional and intimate potentiality of an action.

Covid-19 with its restrictive impositions has changed the evolution of the project imposing to the choreographer to approach the issue of touch from another point of view. Between the physical and the symbolic, to touch the other means touching all possible others, including one's own person, it means transferring the gesture of touching inside the dance.

The bodies of the dancers will try to materialize the idea of touch in a symbolic carnality, with a materiality at the limit of evanescence.

Ph Giulia Lenzi