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"BRIATA 1_ l'inquietudine" is a project in progress that starts from the need to investigate, observe, both
emotionally than scientifically, our fear. A project on which Compagnia Controra worked at CID from January to May 2017 and which saw a preview in the form of an open rehearsal on May 12, 2017 at the dance halls of Corso Rosmini.
The theme chosen for the performance led to a deep reflection on the emotion of fear because it is somehow linked to our security and survival. Evolution, in fact, has predisposed the human nervous system in such a way that a strong fear takes precedence over anything else in the mind and body. The organism in the face of a threatening event reacts with behaviors that the human being has in common with many other animals. Sniffing out the danger, alerting attention, examining the situation, blocking all other activities.
Fear acts on the alarm threshold, i.e. on our ability to mobilize ourselves in the presence of an event. Usually, the one who is in the grip of a violent fear looks around circumspectly, inhibits the action until he immobilizes, trembles, cries, becomes small and if he can hide; he quickly moves away from the feared stimulus and tries to reach a source of security; he can also stumble, stutter or faint.
The interest in the subject also comes from a first part of deepening and research work through the fusion of artistic languages, in relation to the working environment.

Choreography Natascia Belsito and Fannj Oliva
Directed by Andrea Deanesi
Original music Elia Pedrotti
Dancers and interpreters Natascia Belsito, Andrea Deanesi, Fannj Oliva, Elia Pedrotti