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CID also welcomed in the summer months of 2013, from June to the end of August, some dance companies from Trentino that took part in the project CID CANTIERI - Progetti di giovane danza
Within the spaces of the CID the companies gave life to new artistic creations presented in the final staging of Friday, September 13, 2013 at the Teatro Cuminetti in Trento. Among the protagonists of this new adventure also the Compagnia Controra with the project Spring.

We are all connected by the perpetual movement of the time of life: we live at every age different winters and different springs and we experience these states by dealing with the transformation of the body and emotions.
The natural inclination towards life allows us to be constantly reborn and regenerate ourselves through an innate force that has no place and no time; the mystery and beauty of each being encloses multiple and unknown energies that change, die and are reborn around the need to persevere and shine despite everything.

Choreography and Direction Natascia Belsito
Lighting Design Lorenzo Carlucci
Music editing and communication Andrea Deanesi
Simonetta Giorgetti Crisandra Costumes
Organization Luna Pauselli 
Dancers Fanny Oliva, Paola Carlucci and Natascia Belsito

13/09/2013 Trento Teatro Cuminetti/Oriente Occidente