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Compagnia Nervitesi

Together with three other promising Italian authors: the Friulian Tommaso Serratore, the Apulian Davide Valrosso and the Sicilian Salvo Lombardo, the Sardinian Carla Rizzu, director of the Nervitesi company, was selected in 2016, as part of the CID Cantieri project, aimed at valorising emerging Italian artists who are offered productive residencies, economic support and confrontation with the publicabout Oriente occidente Dance Festival.

During the residency period spent at CID in August Carla Rizzu developed and concluded her new project entitled L'ultima Madre an archaic and legendary figure of her land: the accabadora, that is between Sardinian and Catalan 'she who completes'. That woman who is loaded with pietas goes in the middle of the night to say goodbye to the elderly and infirm, she who responds bringing comfort to the last word of others.
The show presented at the Auditorium Melotti during Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2016, entirely female, meets "an ancient Sardinia," explains Rizzu "but not too much, where things struggle to be clear, where the eyes of others are needles that judge and pierce the soul.

Concept, direction and choreography Carla Rizzu
Lights Carla Rizzu
Original music Christian Ravaglioli
Dancers Eva Campanaro, Enrica Linlaud, Laura Lucchi, Linda Ricci, Carla Rizzu
Produced by Compagnia Nervitesi
Co-produced by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival