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Compagnia Lam

The house, and in particular the new eco-sustainable living, green building and living comfort, are particularly felt themes, solved architecturally with the use of wood for the construction of low energy consumption structures. With this film Wally Holzhauser (always attentive to ecological issues and his debut as a film director) wants to investigate and support these issues through dance. Two professional dancers, two very young promises and a whole family dance in some significant Domestic Landscapes in Trentino: a factory producing preformed wooden panels in Castelnuovo, a wooden frame house under construction in Gardolo, an entire wooden building already finished and used in Lago di Tesero and an Abstract Landscape (set up in the CID rooms in Rovereto), where painting, like dance, tells and interprets the sensations and emotions that pass through the domestic places of modern man, who is careful to respect the environment and the well-being of the person. Art, therefore, understood as part of everyday life, participates in the pragmatic issues of today and in tune with a new and necessary vision of living on a human scale.

Choreography and Direction Wally Holzhauser
Realization Video Archimedia video productions Trento
Original music Carlo Casillo
Pictorial images Silvio Cattani
Costumes Chiara Defant
Architectural technical consultancy Roberto Bortolotti
Production secretary Camilla Deanesi
Stage photographer Federico Malapelle
Dancers Angela Demattè and Laura Lorenzi, Gloria Trolla and Pierfrancesco Porrelli, Piergiorgio Cailotto, Christina Lirusso, Ileana, Selene, Mathias

13/09/2013 Trento Teatro Cuminetti/Oriente Occidente