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In January 2014 the Dance Company Francesca Selva returns to the CID after an initial period of residence in 2013 with the aim of completing their Dance Juice project, a work that combines the production and training of young dancers choreographed by Francesca Selva with the collaboration of professional dancers, stable nucleus of the company.
The project is composed of three production steps: Sweet Orange, Bitter Orange and Candy Orange. The first two steps have already been staged and presented to the public; the third will be carried out in the period 2013-2014 and will be the final stage of this project and therefore the new 2014 production of the Francesca Selva Company.
In Sweet Orange the choreographer Francesca Selva has realized her work with the young dancers of the Ballet Hamlyn. The show develops considering the vitality and energetic enthusiasm of the young people, with their desire to share emotions, feelings, moments of joy and crisis in the dimension of the post-adolescent age is that it finds in the identification of the "group" some form of recognition and sharing, a natural step in facing the uncertainties of the future, perceived both as a mystery and as a desire.
Bitter Orange, debuted in February 2013 at the Teatro dei Rinnovati, is performed by the professional dancers of the stable nucleus of the Company. The introspective dimension of one's own existence has been underlined here, a more mature reflection referring to the fragility of contemporary existence. The interpretative intensity emphasizes the loss of illusion and the fall of ideals. Almost a sense of bitterness that at times makes us fragile in facing the changes in life, which seem to push away the goal of our dreams.
The third step, Candy Orange (production for 4 dancers), scheduled for 2014, aims at dialogue between the different generations. This is the pretext to unite the experiences of young and not so young dancers, for a continuous comparison and exchange. Interpretative maturity and vital energy to create a perfect mix for a cocktail to be enjoyed with eyes, head and heart. The project is part of the Theatrical Reorganization of Tuscany with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Region of Tuscany and with the collaboration of the City of Siena.
15/02/2014 at Teatro dei Rinnovati Siena