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Compagnia Balletto Civile

A nomadic group by definition, animated by a strong ethical tension - as the name chosen underlines - Balletto Civile was founded in 2003 by the Ligurian choreographer and dancer Michela Lucenti. With Maurizio Camilli, for several years interpreter and dramaturgic soul of the group, Lucenti holds firm the principle that the artistic sense can never be separated from the need to dance through the search for situations that try to make the interpreters grow also as men and women.

For Oriente Occidente Balletto Civile has thought of a new project that also marks a return to the past in the renewed collaboration with the playwright Alessandro Berti, with whom Lucenti founded the historic group L'Impasto in the 90s. Together they will give life to a show that confronts history and the legacy left by it, wondering what it means to 'go into it'. 

the chosen title, where "in" is prefixed with different interpretations of time and our relationship with it. Unstoppable, Inalterable, Unspeakable the flow of existence. And Inermi, Inetti, Inuit we feel useless if we look at the story "from our reassuring sofa". From ineptitude and from a more complex reflection on stupidity, in the sense of incapacity and deficiency, comes the cycle of works that will lead Lucenti to orchestrate great masses of actors, musicians, singers and dancers in the coming years between Italy and Germany. 
Absolute debut in Oriente Occidente with the first stage entitled ln-erme, a work in which past and present meet, where the warning of the statue of the unknown soldier (which dominates every city of the peninsula) and the feeling of powerlessness of today merge. Like the musical environment, nourished by evocative melodies produced live by cellist Julia Kent (in her curriculum also the soundtrack of This Must Be the Place by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino) on which the archaic and powerful liturgical chants of the Cantori da Verméi are grafted.

To finalize their work the Company spent a few days of residency at the CID in the period September 2014.

Concept Alessandro Berti , Maurizio Camilli , Michela Lucenti
Direction and choreography Michela Lucenti
Dramaturgy Alessandro Berti
Lights Stefano Mazzanti
Music Julia Kent, Singers from Verméi
Sound dramaturgy Maurizio Camilli, Gianluca Pezzino, Tiziano Scali, 
Sketches Marzia Paparini
Costumes Chiara Defant, Marzia Paparini
Tailoring Laboratory Chiara Defant
Musicians Julia Kent, Singers from Verméi (Daniele Bertolini, Danilo Bertolini, Virginio Callegari, Ernesto Daldoss, Alberto Delpero, Mirko Dezulian, Matteo Giovannini, Andrea Longhi, Marco Slanzi)
Staging assistant Sara Ippolito
Created and starring Alessandro Berti, Maurizio Camilli, Ambra Chiarello, Massimiliano Frascà, Francesco Gabrielli, Michela Lucenti, Alessandro Pallecchi, Gianluca Pezzino, Emanuela Serra, Giulia Spattini, Isacco Venturini
Co-produced by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival, Fondazione Teatro Due, Dialma Ruggiero Youth Centre (La Spezia)
With the support of MIBAC Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism