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Collettivo Clochart

In February 2016, the spaces of the CID welcome Michele Comite with Collettivo Clochart to work on the creation of the show Liberi da morire.
A project presented on 23 April 2016 at the Teatro Monte Baldo at the end of the music and dance theatre season of the Municipality of Brentonico, realized in collaboration with Associazione per il Coordinamento Teatrale Trentino and Centro Servizi Culturale Santa Chiara of Trento.

A tribute in dance to the story of two young partisans from Bologna, Orazio Mignani and Romolo Mezzetti, killed by the Germans. Captured and deported to Bolzano in December 1944, they managed to escape from the concentration camp and, in early May 1945, arrived in Brentonico where they were intercepted by a German SS patrol, captured and murdered. 
On stage three young dancers to tell the ancient and modern dreams of strong and righteous men, to tell the stories of mankind brothered to death in the struggles for liberation.
Like the story of Orazio Mignani and Romolo Mezzetti, partisans from Bologna slaughtered in Brentonico on 2 May 1945.
The war was over. Horace and Romulus were freed men.
They were free men, intensely and deeply free, but free to die at the hands of murderous and cowardly Nazis.
That afternoon in Brentonico, the freshly fallen snow stopped the dry noise of the two deadly gunshots and covered and lightly guarded two seeds of our conquered freedom.

Director: Michele Comite
Choreographic concept: Maria Pia Dimauro, Michele Comite
Cast: Valentina Dal Mas, Fabio Crestale, Francesco Pacelli
Sound Project: Christian Marchi