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cie insieme irreali

The company of Pietro Marullo, associated artist of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival for the two-year period 2019-2020, will spend in July a residency period at CID aimed at presenting a first study of the new production Hive - our hydrological needs of cosmic lines within Festival Spettacolo Aperto for the project Vetrina delle idee per produzioni culturali originali (Showcase of ideas for original cultural productions) promoted by Fondazione Caritro, the Cultural Activities Service of Provincia Autonoma di Trento, the Trentino Theatre Coordination and the Unione Interregionale Triveneta AGIS.

HIVE - our hydrological need of cosmic lines is an interdisciplinary research process whose detonator is Michelangelo's famous "Tondo Doni": the depiction of the Holy Family caught in the tender and daily gesture of passing the Child, against the background that through naked young people allegorically represents the pagan world . HIVE represents an extension, a new vision of the concept and image of the Holy Family.
From the formal and aesthetic composition of the painting starts a path that through the contamination of several languages, such as dance and plastic art, sound and theatre, will express a new sense of the painting.
The father-mother-son triad, the core of the work, undergoes metamorphosis and formal shocks, while the composition of the Tondo Doni is investigated: the roundness, the two-storey structure, the spiral vectors, the colours.

The study represents the first phase of the project, the initial explosion that will start a long path of research.