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CID also welcomed in August and September 2014 some dance companies from Trentino that took part in the project CID CANTIERI - Progetti di giovane danza. Within the spaces of the CID the companies gave life to new artistic creations presented in the final staging of Friday, September 19, 2014 at the Teatro Cuminetti in Trento. Among the protagonists of this new adventure also the Compagnia Artedanza with the project E.M Discrasia tra corpo e anima.

A modern reinterpretation by choreographer Fabrizio Bernardini of "the Elephant Man", a touching and intense work by director David Lynch.
The show stages a hymn to tolerance and humanity, universal values too often overburdened by those who only know how to appreciate and judge appearances.
The performance takes the viewer into the true story of John Merrick, known as "the Elephant Man", through a journey beyond appearances and beyond the superficial, to discover that evil resides in a society that is afraid and cannot accept the different.
There are those who are born different, and those who decide to be different... in both cases they remain on the margins of society, is that right? John Marrick is a metaphor for how cruel mankind can be.

Choreography and direction Fabrizio Bernardini
Theatre performance Andrea Franzoi
Lyrics Michela Fedrizzi
Lights Alice Colla
Production assistants Silvia Filz and Paola Garofalo
Dancers Fabrizio Bernardini, Massimo di Benedetto, Erica Huez, Daniela Lazzizzera, Camilla Spagni, Valentina Spagni