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The CID also welcomed in the summer months of 2013, from June to the end of August, some dance companies from Trentino that took part in the project CID CANTIERI - Progetti di giovane danza.
Within the spaces of the CID the companies gave life to new artistic creations presented in the final staging of Friday, September 13, 2013 at the Teatro Cuminetti in Trento. Among the protagonists of this new adventure also the Artea Company, with the show Mètres carrés.

Lots of objects to interact with and a few square meters to live with: this is how homes in the suburbs of contemporary cities appear. The hunger for space, which has driven the building industry to conquer new land, has offered the new tenants only a few square meters each. However, the physical space occupied by a person does not always coincide with the living space they feel necessary for themselves. Not always does the fact of being within four walls generate a sense of "home", especially when walls that are too thin divide the intimacy of a residential nucleus from those nearby. The condominium thus becomes one big house that contains many more... and when a house loses its private connotation, what really makes it "home"? The scene is enlivened by five dancers interacting with each other and with the video which, by bringing out some elements of the scene, takes on semiotic driving force of the spectator, as well as the expressive vigour of a sixth character.

Concept and direction Elisa Colla
Choreography Elisa Colla in collaboration with Compgania
Collaboration Riccardo Meneghini
Lighting technician Alice Colla
Production secretariat Elena Tonolli
Video and photos Luigi Zoner
Costumes Elisabetta Vicentini
Hairstyles Salone Blu - Rovereto
Makeup Francesca Dossi
Scenography The playhouse, Luigi Aldrighettoni appliances
Dancers Vanessa Bertoletti, Francesca Bertolini, Elisa Colla, Veronica Forte, Andrea Gallo Rosso

13/09/2013 Trento Teatro Cuminetti/Oriente Occidente

19/04/2013 Verona Camploy Theatre