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Andrea Gallorosso

Oriente Occidente, partner of the network of Italian sector operators Anticorpi XL, is a promoter of the emerging national choreography and has opened its 35th edition looking forward and presenting to its loyal audience two gems of the current Italian choreographic scene: the dancer, active in Turin, Andrea Gallo Rosso and the Apulian Irene Russolillo Both guests in residence at CID had the opportunity to present their works co-produced by Oriente Occidente Dance Festival at the Auditorium Melotti in Rovereto.

In August at CID also Andrea Gallorosso, dancer and choreographer who already has four short works presented in national and international contexts. As an author, he has always been attentive to the contemporary being in the bodies, and for his new project entitled Post-Produzione he investigates the themes of conflict and memory, reworking them through the bodies of the three male performers on stage.

Concept and choreography Andrea Gallo Rosso
Choreographic ideas Cesare Benedetti, Manolo Perazzi
Sound designer Adele Madau
Music Yuval Avital, The Swans, Horses in the Sky
Dancers Cesare Benedetti, Andrea Gallo Rosso, Manolo Perazzi
Production MORSE
With the support of Mosaic Dance
Thanks Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo - regional circuit of the show for the project Ospitalità PrimoPiano at the Sireria di Collegno, Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo.