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In June 2012 Adarte di Paola Vezzosi (winner of the Danz'è 2009 Choreographic Competition, which brought to Rovereto the show Alter per Oriente Occidente 2010) is the guest company at CID. She works on the project Cento di questi giorni. The company returns a few days after the debut to complete the project from 9-14 December 2012.

A mother with her children. The miracle of birth, the sacredness of the family that feeds on love and bonds.
A return home, fleeting and endless as a family celebration can be, is the scenario of unchanging relationships that gives everyone back the role for which they were born, in spite of any path taken outside those walls.
At that table, dominated by a centripetal force of attraction, everyone does not know that they are as they appear to others. Always.
The enchantment and grace of a domestic place, of a safe harbour to return to. A trap of judgments, of suffocated grudges, of blackmail and dynamics of possession.
Direction and choreography by Paola Vezzosi
Performers Natascia Belsito - Luca Campanella - Francesca Stampone - Paola Vezzosi
Lighting design Luca Chelucci
Scenography Gabriele Panzani
Costumes Qèc Something is Changed by Mariantonietta Davoli
Sound editing Andrea Deanesi
Organizational Direction Giada Volpi
Communication Ilaria Baldo
Photo Simone Falteri
Co-production ADARTE / Elsinor stable theatre of innovation / Festival Oriente Occidente
With the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and the Region of Tuscany

28/12/2012 Florence Theater Shipyard Florida

29/12/2012 Florence Theater Shipyard Florida