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3D-3dinamiche company of Francesca Manfrini works at CID from October to December 2016 on two new projects.
The residency will continue in 2017 to finalize the two performances.
The first project entitled Connections in disorder aims to explore what in the collective imagination is the closed and impenetrable world of people with autism or communication disorders.
Through movement we want to give life to the idea of a progression from a sensory experience to a communicative style that escapes our understanding.
In particular the themes dealt with are: the unpredictability of human interactions as opposed to the reaction between man and object/machine and the social strangeness that contemporary youth experiences as increasingly dynamic and cosmopolitan.
The intention is to show how the approach of apparently distant borders can lead to the enrichment of one's own communicative repertoire.

The second project entitled Linee instead represents a tribute to the artist Fausto Melotti. The lightness, linearity and abstractionism of Melotti, have stimulated the company to find new ideas to transpose the concept of essentiality on stage, inspired by the abstract rigor of the artist. A rigour based on a search for harmonic relationships to which passion and knowledge of music were certainly not foreign.

Choreography and direction Francesca Manfrini
Dancers Giulia Nichelatti, Selena Cappelletti
Scenography Riccardo Ricci