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2017 - 2019


The Italian network on inclusive dance is an initiative of Incontri Internazionali di Rovereto and involves many partners interested in making their identities available, with the aim of giving continuity to a cooperative project, based on certain peculiar aims. These objectives focus on the inclusion of artists and people with and without disabilities, and on the promotion of same opportunities to everyone. The network supports actions impacting on the cultural system and on those who work in the field of art and creativity, cooperating at the national level; moreover, the network stimulates a discussion on the access and training of disable people, and creates opportunities for development and education of the public through shared processes; the network promotes the creative case of diversity introducing aesthetic paths and produces reference figures for the disable audience and for young artists, to encourage the opening of every theatrical space, from the stage to the stalls, from the directing room to the locker rooms, to the bathrooms. 
The network is a mouthpiece for ideas and inputs, open to new realities which want to be part of it.