Over recent years Oriente Occidente and the festival are committed to inclusive projects, where artists with disability create together unique shows, with a new aesthetic, promoting research into the rich aesthetic and artistic variety that diversity can offer audiences.

Not only that: both artists want to give an audience with different abilities the possibility to participate to the events.



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Everyone has the right to enjoy the arts
We are actively working to reach a wider audience through a series of initiatives during our Festival.


Oriente Occidente Dance Festival collaborates with ENS - Ente Nazionale Sordi, to make some shows of the program accessible to deaf people.
Political mother unplugged by Hofesh Shechter Company - Shechter II (September 4th) and Diptych: The missing door and The lost room by Peeping Tom (September 6th and 7th) will be made accessible to a deaf audience.

Thanks to an pilot project that began in 2019, some of the performances in the programme will be accompanied by the possibility of using Subpacs, innovative audio-tactile instruments created for virtual reality experiences that are worn like backpacks and vibrate to the rhythm of the music, allowing sound perception through touch. The Subpacs are available to Oriente Occidente thanks to the collaboration with Virtual Gaming Italia, the first centre in Italy for 3D experiences.


During the performances with the above mentioned technology, a
sign-language translation team of ENS volunteers will be available to welcome the deaf audience and explain the correct functioning of SUBPAC.


As of this year, a new pilot project is underway to make the Peeping Tom company's show Diptych: The missing door and The lost room accessible to an audience of visual impaired through audio-description. For the same shows, hall programmes will also be available in enlarged characters and in Braille. The audio-descriptions and materials will be produced thanks to the collaboration with Associazione Fedora, WordUp and ABC Irifor del Trentino.


The show Diptych: The missing door and The lost room by the Peeping Tom company will be made accessible to visula impaired audience also through a tactile tour before the beginning of the show. This is a behind-the-scenes and on-stage adventure during which people can touch the sets, props and costumes of the show.


Theatres offer reserved seating for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, independent access to the entrance foyer, to the stalls and toilets, and reserved parking nearby.
Wheelchair accessible facilities and activities are graphically indicated on our website and on our promotional materials.

Further information on this matter will be soon available on our website.   


The purchase of tickets for people with disabilities who need an assitant and/or a place with a wheelchair should be made by calling +39 0464 016576 or by sending an email to

Oriente Occidente staff will answer your calls from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Friday and from September 3rd to the end of the Festival also on Saturdays and Sundays.

Assistants will have free access to the shows.

We are happy to receive your suggestions and recommendations for an increasingly accurate and up-to-date management of the information, our policies and the access routes to the spaces. Write to us at