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Associated artist of Oriente Occidente Festival during the two-year period 2019-2020, Luna Cenere undertakes a research path on the body subject.

During the way, she elaborated the concept of body as a place and landscape, as a space, as a limit. The limit of our “thinking the body” is tested and challenged through physical experiences. Her research and practice contemplates also a time for discussion, reading and the genesis of thoughts from which a creative process can be born.

During the first months of the project’s research, the main choreography was created. The first performative expression of this research was entitled: Zoé - appunti sulla nuda vita (notes on naked life). It was a quintet of professional dancers, presented as a work in progress in the Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2019.

During 2020, due to COVID-19, Luna Cenere has rethought her work and her research on the body, renaming the creation Genealogy_time specific.
A new declination without body contact and a new timing of evidence.

Thanks to the seminars with local enthusiasts and professionals, the artist had rethought the project: «Together we discuss about the body, about its physical-philosophical status, we practice nudity as a natural condition».

After a first period of online theoretical sessions, in August 2020 the choreographer held a creative residency in Rovereto, working with a group of about 25 enthusiasts divided into groups.
From the period of research, a new score of the creation was born as result of the traumatic experience lived and inspired by the Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto. The work was actually a site specific and premiered during the Oriente Occidente Dance Festival 2020.

Luna Cenere
 has been selected for 2019 by ResiDance XL: azione della Rete Anticorpi XL – Network Giovane Danza D’Autore, coordinated by L’arboreto – Dimora Theatre of Mondaino and of which also CID and Festival Oriente Occidente are a part of. The network supports the research for choreographers and dancers who wish to experience the residencies in order to reflect and act on the processes of creation.

Download the file of the biennial project Genalogia

Download the file of the project Zoè - Appunti sulla nuda vita


Ph Nino Aveni,  Angela Onorati