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Davide Valrosso, is an associated artist of Oriente Occidente Festival during the two-year period 2018-2019 in order to undertake a path of production and support of the activities of these young people, guaranteeing them both the works’ presentation within the event and the international launch of productions.

n 2018 he works to A Midsummer Night's Dream, one of the most fascinating works by William Shakespeare, a comedy immersed in a fantastic atmosphere, capable of arousing emotions and astonishment.

Davide Valrosso's new creation features dancers from the Compagnia del Balletto di Roma and promises to focus on two key themes of this play: magic and dreams.

Magic is nothing but love, which with its power can fix everything.

Through the dance of his Dream, A Midsummer Night, Valrosso invite us to abandon ourselves to beauty, to accept this chaos made of tricks, jealousies and tenderness, without even trying to vainly oppose it.

Download the file of project 2018 --> click here

In 2019 moved by the philosopher Giorgio Agambens reflection on "What is the contemporary", Davide Valrosso works on the theme of biography and memory of the body, creating the solo Who is Joseph? in which, through gestural figures, he evokes a succession of strong visual images.

Divided into three distinct choreographic frameworks - Soglia, Conflitto, Resilienza - (- Threshold, Conflict, Resilience -) the solo emerges from the choreographer-interpreter's desire to question itself on the past, the present and the future.

The questions become gestures, giving voice to "that vivid silence" which appears as background to our contemporaneity.