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Daniele Ninarello, Associated artist of Oriente Occidente during the two-year period 2019-2020, undertakes a research on the reunification topic, to find again through a 'ritual' form the harmony of your own body as a whole.

Pastorale is the new work by the choreographer, the third of a cycle of four experiential choreographic rituals where the aim is to start from singular anatomical practices in order to compose the spatial and choreographic ritual’s dimension.

Dots, curved and straight lines, suspensions, voids: it is the music that, by suggesting spaces, directions and environments, guides Ninarello in his choreographic creation. Dance, instead, becomes an indipendent instrument which emerge from istself and allows the access to an elsewhere, to join what and whoever is close to us.

Through movement, the dancers get to align their bodies to a common and universal rhythm in a progressive tuning between bodies.

A paroxysmal game of repetition in the attempt of the individual to emerge from himself.
A mantrical process whose purpose would be to approach others gradually, finding an aligning with the collective just at the end of the process.

The work was presented as a site-specific version at the Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto during the 40th Edition of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival.