Other projects


Spark brings together four leading companies of professional inclusive dance and two renowned dance festivals from six European countries. An existing network can be strengthened, knowledge of specific working methods and choreographic approaches in inclusive dance can be exchanged, the mobility of disabled dancers between partner’s increases and the touring possibilities for inclusive dance pieces are improved.

BewegGrund (CH) was founded in 1998 in order to promote integration of disabled and non-disabled people in cultural projects through dance. BewegGrund produces and tours professional dance work with disabled and non-disabled dancers, organises a Community Arts Festival for people of every age and all walks of life, delivers training for national and international teachers, and workshops and performances across many contexts.

Spinn (S)  started in 2010 as the first and only inclusive dance company working professionally in the Nordic countries. The company is leading the regional discussion on access and inclusion, generating exciting dialogue with many creative, educational and public institutions across the country with a view to inspiring a process of change. More than 17,000 people have seen Spinn or participated in their activities, which include mentoring Nordic dance artists and delivering youth dance activities. 

CODA (N)  aims to strengthen dance as an art form in Norway by presenting a diversity of national and international contemporary dance through a biennale of the highest artistic calibre. The festival aims to contribute to the development of Norwegian dance through performances, workshops, seminars and other events and highlight Oslo and Norway as an international arena for contemporary dance.

Candoco Dance Company (GB) is the world's leading inclusive dance company employing disabled and non-disabled dancers. We create excellent and profound experiences for audiences and participants that excite, challenge and broaden perceptions of art and ability. 
We deliver world-class commissions, extensive national and international performances, wide reaching learning, bespoke training and advocacy. Thereby raising levels of debate on dance and disability by demonstrating and discussing the creative potential of inclusive practice. 
Candoco tours internationally with over 35 performances annually. Commissions include works by award-winning choreographers such as Jerome Bel, Emanuel Gat, Trisha Brown. Partners and presenters are Sadler’s Wells, Southbank Centre, Tanzhaus NRW and Oriente Occidente.

Dance group Magic (HR)  is a theater dance group based in Rijeka (Croatia. Since 2006 collective has been devoted to the dance movement in the field of physical theater and contemporary dance. HIPP supports the independent contemporary dance scene in Croatia and Eastern Europe. Experienced in forging partnerships for international cultural exchange and collaboration the organisation ensures an increasing presence of Croatian dance makers internationally, specifically supporting disabled artists and the inclusive dance ensemble IMRC who form part of this project.

Tanzfähig (D) was founded in 2007 as an initiative to develop more physical diversity in contemporary dance. It is artistically and educationally oriented, and aims to provide access to contemporary dance for all people. It is nationally and internationally well-connected and appreciated for its concept. In the last few years its approach was successfully applied to several productions, regular dance trainings and numerous workshops. Dachverband Tanz, the umbrella organisation for dance in Germany and university partner Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz support the initiative's delivery.  



The Festival Oriente Occidente – supported by the network #unlimited Italia and by the Department of Political Sciences and the Department of Culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento - presents the first web portal on inclusive dance. This portal connects different local realities, helps creating new productions, informs on the possibilities of workshops and trainings through the section IoRacconto, allows the creation of a process confronting the various themes of this discipline.




The Italian network on inclusive dance is an initiative of Incontri Internazionali di Rovereto and involves many partners interested in making their identities available, with the aim of giving continuity to a cooperative project, based on certain peculiar aims. These objectives focus on the inclusion of artists and people with and without disabilities, and on the promotion of same opportunities to everyone. The network supports actions impacting on the cultural system and on those who work in the field of art and creativity, cooperating at the national level; moreover, the network stimulates a discussion on the access and training of disable people, and creates opportunities for development and education of the public through shared processes; the network promotes the creative case of diversity introducing aesthetic paths and produces reference figures for the disable audience and for young artists, to encourage the opening of every theatrical space, from the stage to the stalls, from the directing room to the locker rooms, to the bathrooms.

The network is a mouthpiece for ideas and inputs, open to new realities which want to be part of it. 


Network Anticorpi XL

Since over ten years the Network Anticorpi XL represents a real example for promotion of young original dance. The network involves theaters, festivals, circuits, operators that share ideas and implementation of different "actions" aimed for training, promoting and developing an original culture of dance and research. Thanks to sharing of the resources of each partner and guidelines that include different ways to support the artists we can create practical ways and real opportunities to disseminate and observe young original dance.