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Fri 31 Aug
Teatro Zandonai, Rovereto
Pontus Lidberg
Pontus Lidberg Dance - U-S-A ; Danish Dance Theatre - Denmark


   icket from 14 € to 22 €

Under 26 with Oriente Occidente Emozioni 5 €


The revolutionary multimedia creations of Swedish artist Pontus Lidberg are a synergy of dance and film, and have been performed to international acclaim. His latest production, SIREN, will première here at the Festival. SIREN is named after the mythical creatures who lured sailors with their song, compelling them to throw themselves into the sea. Only Ulysses managed to resist their call, by plugging his crew’s ears with wax and tying himself to the mast of his ship. The work considers Ulysses’ desire that can never be fulfilled, and the Siren’s song as a source of creative impulse. The work does not retell the myth, or any story, but is inspired by its themes of longing, creativity, and, unexpectedly, solitude.

Choreography Pontus Lidberg
Choreography assistant Ola Beccau
Dramaturgy Adrian Guo Silver
Music Stefan Levin, Franz Schubert
Light design Raphael F. Solholm
Costumes Karen Young
Producer Grazia Schiavone
Fundraiser Mary Ellen Obia
Dancers Pontus Lidberg, Stefanos Bizas, Barton Cowperthwaite, David Lagerqvist, Nathanael Marie, Lucas Threefoot, Sarawanee Tanatanit
Coproduced by Festival Oriente Occidente, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Culture Center, through an exclusive grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation
With generous support from Rockefeller Brothers Fund, SHS Foundation, Evelyn C Sharp Foundation, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, Charles and Joan Gross Family Foundation
Duration 60’


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