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Thu 6 Sep
Teatro Zandonai, Rovereto
Xie Xin
XieXin Dance Theater - China

From In

A > 22,00 €
B > 20,00 €

Oriente Occidente Emozioni
A > 15,00 € 
B > 14,00 €
B under26 > 5 €


Rising star of Far Eastern choreography, the young artist Xie Xin has formed a company which bears her name. The interpretation of the Chinese word ren, meaning person, is the inspiration for her creation From IN where nine artists perform a dance which is simultaneously suspended, sinuous and articulated. Feelings and emotions fluctuate in the air and in the dancing bodies which appear to know nothing of corners or sharp angles.

Choreography Xie Xin
Productor Ge Huichao
Executive Producer Liu He
Light design Gao Jie
Scene director Gao Jie
Music Jiang Shaofeng
Costumes Li Kun
Dancers Xie Xin, Li Xing, Hu Shengyuan, Liu Xuefang, Liu Yintao, Qian Min, Fan Xiaoyun, Liu Xue, Wang Qi
with the support of Shangai International Dance Center Theater, China Shanghai Performing Arts Fair, Shanghai Dancers’s Associations, Young Artists Platform of Dance
Duration 65’